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Masters in Pharmacology

The College offers an 11-month, 34-credit, accelerated program leading to the award of a Masters in Pharmacology degree. The program is designed to provide the student with a comprehensive background in medical pharmacology, basic biochemistry and the physiologic and pathophysiologic basis for drug therapy. Successful completion of this program will fully prepare a candidate for additional medical or basic research training. In particular, students who wish to improve their academic credentials and strengthen application to professional school are encouraged to apply.

Medical School Admission Success Rate

Seventy-five percent of the program graduates have been admitted to medical schools in Tennessee or elsewhere.

Contact Information

Dr. Edwards A. Park, Department of Pharmacology, 901-448-4779.


General requirements are a bachelor’s degree with a grade-point average of at least 3.0 from an accredited college or university. Students may submit competitive MCAT or DAT scores, or a Graduate Record Examination combined score (verbal and quantitative) of at least 300 for the revised exam. For students whose native language is not English, a score of at least 213/79 on the computer-based/Internet-based TOEFL or evidence of proficiency in English. In addition, three letters of recommendation should be provided. Students will be accepted into the program ending June 21.

Applications may be submitted by going to the Applicant Login. If you have not already done so, you will need to create an account with an ID and password before beginning the application.


The in-state tuition and fees are $17,402. The out-of-state tuition and fees are $25,830.


The courses in this program include:

Foundations of Pharmacology
The functional regulation of major organ systems by neuronal and/or hormonal influence is described in a lecture and discussion-based format. Opportunities for drug intervention both in health and in selected disease processes are examined, the corresponding intracellular signaling processes described and the rationalization for and limitations of such treatments discussed.
Medical Pharmacology
Students participate in the medical pharmacology course taken by the second year medical students. They also meet regularly with instructors for in-depth discussion of the pharmacologic agents.
A lecture and discussion course examines the fundamentals of metabolism, control of intracellular signaling and regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation.
Current Topics in Clinical Pharmacology
A student-led short-presentation and group-discussion course that examines important regulatory, social and economic issues surrounding contemporary drug treatment.
Special Topics in Pharmacology
A lecture and group-discussion course that examines the underlying pharmacologic basis for factors affecting successful drug therapy. Faculty will focus on several areas, including CNS, cardiovascular, endocrine, antiinfective and anticancer drugs.
Modern Pharmacology Research Techniques
A presentation, demonstration and discussion course that examines the mechanics, suitability and potential pitfalls of common pharmacology research techniques. Familiarity with contemporary research facilitates the ability of a student to read and comprehend journal articles.
Integrity in Scientific Research
A lecture and case study discussion of the ethical principles and related federal and state laws governing scientific research. Topics addressed include research with human subjects, research with animals, the use of human biological materials, privacy and confidentiality of research and medical records, conflicts of interest, scientific misconduct, ownership of research, responsible reporting of research, and ethical training practices.
Thesis Research
The student works closely with an individual faculty member to design and execute a library-based project related to an area of pharmacology
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