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Theses and Dissertations

Note: Many links in these descriptions are all located in Blackboard sites, and therefore, password protected. To access these sites, a UTHSC NetID and password along with site membership is required. If you are a student not required to provide a thesis or dissertation or a graduate faculty member interested in the content of these resources, you may request access via Blackboard.

Theses (for Master's degrees) and dissertations (for Doctoral degrees) must adhere to content guidelines established by the student's faculty advisor and committee and format guidelines established by the College of Graduate Health Sciences and the University of Tennessee.

All Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) students must provide an electronic dissertation as part of their degree requirements. Specified Master degree (M.S.) students are required to submit an electronic thesis as part of their degree requirements.

It is the responsibility of the research committee and student to ensure that the scientific and English language content of a thesis/dissertation are as accurate as possible; it is the responsibility of the student and College to ensure that the thesis/dissertation format is as accurate as possible. The final version of a thesis/dissertation submitted to and approved by the College is the official version and will not be changed in any way (including substantive and typographic changes).

NOTE: Before submitting your thesis/dissertation for format review, you must

  1. Access Blackboard – with your NetID and password. The following Blackboard sites contain all of the instructions and digital tools needed for you to understand how to create your ET/D as well as submit your completed document for CGHS format review. Note: You must login to Blackboard before accessing any Blackboard links on this page.
    Electronic Theses and Dissertations – Workshops, Lectures, and Tutorials (ET/D Portal). To begin, click the link following Start Here on the ET/D Portal page.
    Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Online Tutorials . Interactive instructional Blackboard site for tutorials, exercises, and SafeAssign.
    When you are ready to begin your format review process, email the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs ( and the ET/D Formatting and Publishing Manager ( A private, collaborative review group will be created for your use in Blackboard: ETD Reviews YYYY (current year).
  2. Create a ProQuest account (see instructions in the Student Publishing Process for Use with Guide 1 or the CGHS Publishing Process for Use with Guide 2 located on the ET/D Portal home page).
  3. Submit your documents (ET/D Signature Page and ET/D) via Blackboard and ProQuest.

Critical information: If information in your thesis/dissertation will undergo patent review, you must inform the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs via email and request an embargo when you submit your document for a preliminary or formal format review. You must also indicate an equivalent embargo in your ProQuest account. See the publishing process documents for specifics.

Updates to Thesis/Dissertation Information

Requirement: On the ET/D Signature Page, the names of your research advisor and all committee members must be included with a line for each signature. When submitting your ET/D for formal format review, you must include the Memorandum of Understanding and the Signature Page (without signatures) if those have not already been approved by CGHS. A Signature Page Word template is on the ET/D Portal home page.

Current degrees and majors for the ET/D Signature Page: Students in the Biomedical Sciences (IBS or IPBS) should use only the wording “Biomedical Sciences” for their major. For purposes of the signature page, IBS/IPBS tracks are called “concentrations.” Listing the concentration is required if CGHS lists a specialty/track for your program.

Current degrees:

  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master of Science
  • Master of Dental Science

Current majors:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Dental Sciences
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Outcomes and Policy Research
  • Nursing Science
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Pharmacology
  • Speech and Hearing Science

Current tracks:

  • within Biomedical Engineering:
    • Biomechanics, Movement Science, and Rehabilitation
    • Biomaterials and Regenerative Technology
    • Biosensors and Electrophysiology
    • Cellular Biochemical Responses
  • within Biomedical Sciences:
    • Cancer and Developmental Biology
    • Cell Biology and Physiology
    • Genetics, Genomics, and Informatics
    • Microbiology, Immunology, and Biochemistry
    • Molecular and Systems Pharmacology
    • Neuroscience
  • within Dental Sciences:
    • Endodontics
    • Orthodontics
    • Pediatric Dentistry
    • Periodontology
    • Prosthodontics
  • within Health Outcomes and Policy Research:
    • Pharmacoeconomics
    • Health Policy
    • Health Services Research
    • Health Informatics
  • within Pharmaceutical Sciences:
    • Bioanalysis
    • Medicinal Chemistry
    • Pharmaceutics
    • Pharmacometrics
  • within Speech and Hearing Science:
    • Audiology
    • Hearing Science
    • Speech and Language Pathology
    • Speech-Language Science

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